What’s in your data? Protect it with the right stuff!


Below is a list of proven software that will help protect your data.

My suggestion for a backup is to do something today by purchasing a usb3.0 external hard drive and configuring your windows or mac to backup up to it using their native backup software. It is fast, inexpensive and it works. Remember tomorrow will not help you in the event of a crash today.

“It is always good to have a plan. Don’t be forced to react rather respond decisively when problems arise.”.

Anti Virus

Anti Malware

Backup Plan

Disk Image Software

Insurance for your technology

Consider a “Synology NAS“. Affordable storage and backup for the small business or family with many files. Safe and reliable backup and storage NAS (network attached storage). This will support everything from Photographers, Musicians or Accountants. You can also create your own secure cloud.