URGENT WARNING, An International Incident, WanCrypt0r outbreak



URGENT WARNING, An International Incident

Within 12 hours, 81,000 infections were reported globally of the WanCrypt0r outbreak.

The NHS services of England and Scotland reported 16 hospitals in the UK have been hit and can’t operate or admit patients because all data is encrypted and locked. Spanish telecom giant, Telefonica, was hit and responded by “desperately telling employees to shut down computers and VPN connections in order to limit the ransomware’s reach.” Banks, utilities, telecoms, healthcare and other industries are reporting similar experiences worldwide. At this time, this ransomware variant appears to be taking advantage of a known and patched Windows vulnerability. It has been reported that it is on it’s way to the US.

Malwarebytes is protecting many of SeniorTech’s clients against this specific ransomware variant. The latest version’s anti-ransomware technology uses a dedicated real-time detection and blocking engine that continuously monitors for ransomware behaviors, like those seen in WanaCrypt0r.

If your current antivirus does not protect you or your company from ransomware like WanaCrypt0r call or txt SeniorTech for immediate help. 218-461-0164

Kevin Raihala