Six Benefits of Monitored & Managed Computers

  1. Help our clients identify & eliminate IT problems
  2. Fix problems before you notice
  3. Diagnose the cause of problems quickly
  4. Detect warnings & prevent downtime
  5. Receive alerts when things go wrong

“Prevent computer and software failures with a proactive IT management strategY”

Monitored & Managed Computers

When it comes to computers we believe in preventing issues before they occur. Lack of awareness of lingering problems with your computer or connected systems, such as a deteriorating hard drive in a server, growing log files or stale cashes, an infectious network virus, or even failing backups. These are just a few of the things that can bring your business operations to a standstill resulting in missing deadlines and setting your project back for weeks.

SeniorTech™ can remotely monitor and receive alerts when your computer or server is in need of maintenance. We help our clients identify and eliminate IT problems that if left untreated could hinder their ability to operate. Monitoring ensures all aspects of your IT infrastructure are secure and performing properly.

Beyond checking that everything is working and performing correctly. Periodic maintenance updates and security patches are properly applied with latest versions. This reduces vulnerabilities, therefore you stay safe from dangers like hackers. You get improved performance and security which extends the life of your computers, servers or Wi-Fi routers. We can even track your computer in the event of a theft.

6. Get peace of mind as we can do all this for you for just a small monthly fee.

We specialize in helping small businesses and home offices so don’t think this type of care is only for big business. We make it affordable, because you can not afford the alternative possibility, prolonged downtime and costly repairs.