A security blanket isn’t enough anymore. In this world, strong passwords are a necessity.


A security blanket isn’t enough anymore. In this world strong passwords are a necessity.

1. Use a password generator. Strong passwords are mandatory these days. Well, if you want to reduce the chances of having your email or bank account hacked it is. I started doing this by keeping a password list and getting my passwords from a password generator. http://passwordsgenerator.net/

Don’t Panic! As time went on, and I started thinking, what if my password list is compromised? Then one day I lost my non-encrypted USB with my non-encrypted lists on it. You do not want to experience that feeling of panic, not even once, as I did.

2. If you want to encrypt a USB drive, and you should, Bitlocker is what I use and is very easy to apply. To use Bitlocker you are asked for a password to open your drive. That’s all, you then have full access to your files. It is built into your Windows 10 operating system and to implement is as easy as right clicking on the USB drive folder icon an selecting “Turn On Bitlocker”.

3. KeePass is a very good encrypted vault to keep your passwords in. I won’t leave home without it. What it does is make one safe and secure encrypted file with all your passwords and notes inside. This is accessed with only one password for you to remember. It’s easy to remember one than several. To use it only takes a half a minute or less to open it up, cut and paste your password into the appropriate screen. It is advised not to keep your password when your browser asks to. If you have been you should find the security tab and have them deleted. My passwords are not something I want floating around the internet. I also recommend Information Technology Departments (it’s networkable!) and Small Businesses to use this product instead of a text file or spread sheet. Spread sheet passwords can be easily hacked! It’s free and can be found at http://keepass.info/ get the Professional Edition KeePass 2.xx

Easy as 1, 2, 3! The encrypted password list is slick and easy to keep. KeePass also has a password generator built inside. I also found an app at the app store to access my list from on my phone. I was able to log into my Qdoba Rewards account while standing in line waiting for one of their famous burrito bowls.

Yes, I did find my lost USB after several hours of tracing my steps. It was found in a parking lot under someone’s tire. It must have came out of my pocket while exiting the car. It still works however, now encrypted to keep it safe.

Kevin Raihala – MySeniorTech.net