Problems stem from a lack of awareness


It has long been debated whether preventive maintenance or break and fix is the most economical way to support your business critical resources. Don’t wait until it’s broken. That isn’t the case anymore with recent world wide threats like the WanCrypt0r outbreak you are closer to being affected than ever before. Bryan Franz, Special Agent, FBI Cyber Squad said at a recent briefing seminar; “Small or growing companies are the most vulnerable to data breaches”. He went on to say many have already been breached and hackers are collecting data for use at a later date.

When it comes to computers we believe in preventing those issues before they occur. I have found that most problems stem from a lack of awareness. Lingering problems with your computer or connected systems go un-noticed. A deteriorating hard drive in a server, failing backups, growing log files or stale cashes or even an infectious network virus can cause a bad day at work. These are just a few of the things that can bring your business operations to a standstill resulting in missing deadlines and setting your project back for weeks.

Today everything electronic can have code or firmware that requires periodic security updates and patches. Recently I discovered that one of my client’s wifi routers had not been updated since it was first installed.  Research showed articles on the internet describing the specific vulnerabilities found in this device. This is one of the ways internet thieves or hacks can easily gain access to your data.

Recent trends in small businesses has been to hire contractors for their computer and network needs rather than have onsite IT employees. Typically the default is to have someone on staff, who isn’t IT, with some computer smarts put things together and when everything is working, life is good. You in the mean time are concentrating on growing your business and no one is watching the electronic parts of your store! Minor network glitches occur and you have that computer smart employee attempt to fix it when they should be concentrating on what they do best, creating your product and growing your business.

This is where SeniorTech uniquely fits in. Consider us as being your Senior Technician whose priority is to look out for your computer related interests. We will become familiar with your systems and business needs, make experienced recommendations, work with your vendors, but best of all keep everything patched, updated, secure and monitored 24×7 with our ever growing and popular Computer Essentials Plus Plan. Details on this and our other products can be found at

Data security is often times overlooked “until suddenly” the inevitable event of a breach or failure occurs.“It is always good to have a plan. Don’t be forced to react, rather respond decisively when problems arise and avoid the pit falls”

Kevin Raihala
Managing Partner
SeniorTech LLC