How dumb is that?


Don’t call that number for help. This is a SCAM that is popping up everywhere. The screen looks like a Windows error with a convenient Support number to call if you want it fixed or removed …for a fee.

When this happens to you call a trusted local computer repair company or your brother in law the tech guy. Never ever call the number provided.

I looked up the number given. Evidently they do email support for Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Microsoft again for a fee.

This same problem popped up on my friend Tony’s home computer. The scammer actually called him! Tony was smart enough to ask him to talk with his friend (me) who knew more about computers. I would think another good response would be to have the caller talk with your spouse and give them the local police station number.

For fun I called the number to see how they could help. Among other things they had me open a DOS window and run the tree command. (tree /f /a) They then ask you if you recognize all of what you see. Of course the common answer would be no. (In reality it is just a list of folders) They reply those are viruses we can help you eradicate. He wanted me to go to a website so he could get into my computer to check.

The bottom line was the support line tech wanted a Credit Card number because they said it costs $240 to talk with an authorized Microsoft Windows Service Person. So much for that. I told him thanks but no thanks. Scamming vulnerable people for a living is not very nice and hung up.

I have helped several people with this problem and similar malware ransomed scams. The interesting thing about the one depicted here gives Microsoft Windows errors. Names the browser MS Edge/Google Chrome Your OS is Windows OS. Look at the picture closely.

I have to laugh it is a Mac Book with a Safari browser. How dumb is that?

Trust me, I’m a professional -Kevin