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have learned that what is important with technology is that it enhances your business and quality of life. However, you can not obtain this quality unless two things are considered. First the product has to work and secondly one has to understand how to use it. How else can one experience the power of technology?

It’s not a status thing as some may think. It pains me physically to see people with that hopeless look literally rendered helpless by “the latest gadget” or even worse, those who suffer from “sudden data loss”. I believe that SeniorTech can increase your feelings of confidence and happiness in your daily encounters with technology.


Technology can be a healthy thing in your life. My aim is to make the bewildered happy and give the experts time to do what they do best. That is where the Tech Concierge comes in, deals with the frustration, so you can get on with your life.

Kevin Raihala

SeniorTech™, The Concierge Technology™ Advantage

SeniorTech, LLC™ was founded in 2015 by Kevin Raihala and Rob West. Raihala is a highly experienced Information and Telecommunications Technology professional. West is a well- known entrepreneur in Minneapolis and northeastern Minnesota.

Plans are moving forward to expand the Company staff with other experienced IT professionals who also can solve virtually any tech problem and handle seemingly impossible tasks with alacrity. SeniorTech’s business strategy is to provide small businesses, especially home-based businesses, and home users ages 60 and over, with both in-person and remote computer and technology support.

By combining a professional and responsive business strategy which incorporates transparency, honesty, technical excellence, accountability, respect and teamwork with bright minds and the ability to communicate personally with clients… we have defined this convergence into three words: Concierge Technology Advantage™.

SeniorTech, LLC™ with its Concierge Technology Advantage™ is focused on delivering understandable and relevant technology solutions to baby boomers (those people ages 60 plus) along with small businesses in the northeastern Minnesota with primary emphasis on the Duluth/Superior metro area. A small business is described as businesses and non-profit corporations that will range from sole proprietors working from home to businesses which may have up to 10 employees.

The Company is an early stage development business founded by two successful and experienced professionals. Raihala and West have a combined 88 years of successful business experience. The Company intends to hire and retain other team members who have similar ages and experiences so that its primary target market, including senior citizens and small businesses, will be able to relate to and communicate well with their IT consultants and providers.

The Company intends to offer individual senior consumers consulting and tech-driven advice with any “high tech” device ranging from personal computers and printers, to cell phones and cell providers, to optimizing the use of connectivity including maximizing internet offerings.Team members will be able to solve IT problems and issues in private homes or at small business locations and recommend solutions for long term application. In addition, the Company will provide basic instruction on how to protect individual privacy and security while literally functioning as personal computer/IT consultant for users of the Company’s services.