A funny thing happened to me on the way to work


A funny thing happened to me on the way to work today. My experience with Google Now.

Sometimes you just have to relax and see the humor in the world around you. If you don’t life can be quite frustrating. I spend most of my day putting out technology fires or explaining to clients why technology works like it does and how they can use it to their advantage. I have been very busy lately with SeniorTech making appointments and helping clients, some on site and some through a remote connections.

My Android phone must have sensed my busy schedule and suggested I install and try “Google Now”. After several minutes of setup and playing with the app I had what I thought to be an excellent personal assistant! Now life will be a breeze. Just say Ok Google and you will get her (female voice) attention. I get news and sports updates, appointment notifications and a map and estimated time of arrival to my next destination. How cool is that!

Ok Google, I am now set with Bluetooth firmly set in my left ear. Where should I go today?
The card says 28 minutes to work so I selected the GPS map navigation function to see if it takes the route I am use to. Or perhaps there is a more efficient way I don’t know about. Right out of the driveway it had me turn left instead of my usual right. This should have been a tip off of events to follow. Or perhaps Google knew it snowed last night and a right turn would take me to a steep icy hill. Way to go, artificial intelligence. This is awesome.

Ten minutes later I was in heavy traffic and there was a lot of chatter from my phone. Ok Google don’t get excited we will only be 5 minutes late for work. I had to take the Bluetooth out of my ear, the constant chatter from Google Now was or is distracting.

When I got to work five minutes late I checked my phone to see what was bothering the app. Apparently it wanted me to stop on the way, or thought I worked at Damiano Clothes That Work on fourth street. This is a store that provides work appropriate apparel for interviews and for people beginning a new job. Well there you go. The artificial intelligence thought I needed a fashion update. Google knew what I was wearing. Google, how do you do that?

Perhaps I should go home and change into something more presentable. So I tapped the tile that said 23 minutes to home. The destination card then said; “three minutes to Downs Funeral Home”  …not my home …not the addresses I typed in preferences.

Time to interview a new personal assistant.