Solar eclipse Monday!


Technology tip for today.

When I was in high school a friend and I watched a lunar eclipse in the loft of his barn. There were hundreds of light beams entering through knot holes and cracks projecting the perfect view on the opposing wall. Other natural pin hole viewers are a wooded areas. The light between the leaves project hundreds of eclipses on the ground. For you do DIY people arc welding goggles work very well. Make sure the lens is a number 12 or better 13 being the best. Sunglasses are NOT dark enough. This all depends on cloud coverage though. Check your local weather forecast for that.

For more comprehensive information check out this web site

In our area “Minnesota” the eclipse will begin about 11:45 am Monday August 21st and peak about 1:07 pm at about 75 percent coverage. It will not get as dark as it would say in Missouri but will put on a dramatic show non the less.